Every Country’s Best Rated Movie (According To IMDB) : MapPorn

The one for Canada is literally an Indian movie with India listed as the country of Origin.

Technically, it’s listed as Indian/Canadian on IMDB, that’s why IMDB shows it in both Indian and Canadian categories. The reason it says “Canadian” is because it was funded by Sikh people from Canada.

Apparently, it’s a movie about the anti-Sikh riots in India after Sikh terrorists murdered the Indian Prime Minister in 1984. This was followed by several other acts of terrorism, including the bombing of Air India Flight 182 by Sikh terrorists, which killed 329 people. After the police went after the terrorists, many of them fled to Canada, where they settled. Now they’re funding propaganda movies and voting them to the top on IMDB.

The problem with IMDB ratings is that they’re meaningless without a vote count. Any obscure director can get fifty of his buddies to vote his movie 10/10 on IMDB, and it’ll show at the top of the rating list. The cure is to sort by popularity, then suddenly the movie drops to the bottom because nobody ever saw it except those few friends of the director.

Punjab 1984 is one of these propaganda movie. It has a very high rating, but only 1700 votes. Compare that to other Canadian movies like The Lighthouse, which has collected over 75,000 votes in only a few months, and you’ll see.

The same is actually true for real Indian movies as well. This map shows India’s highest rated movie as “Goodachari”, which the majority of Indians have never even heard of. That’s because it’s a Tamil language movie that only played in one little state. If you click “Top Rated Indian Movies” on IMDB and sort by rating, you’ll find a whole bunch of Tamil movies on top. That’s because Tamils love to go to IMDB and upvote their film industry with exaggerated ratings. But sort the same list by popularity, and suddenly most of the Tamil movies disappear.

TLDR: IMDB rankings are prone to manipulation by a small number of people. Never trust rankings unless they are supported by a high vote count. Sort by popularity to see vote counts.