Didi ‘show-caused’ FROM THE EC While Celebrating Bengali New Year

The Bengali New Year didn’t begin so well for West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. As the Election Commission served her a show-cause notice for having promised a fresh district in violation of any code of conduct, a fiery Banerjee dared the commission to do this. “I’ve said what I liked, I’ll again say so, thousand times, crore times, do anything you (EC) can against me,” Banerjee said. “They will have show-caused me on the 1st day from the Bengali New Year, individuals will show-cause them on, may 19,” she said. The Indian Air Force base at Panagarh, West Bengal will undoubtedly be named after Marshal on the Air Force Arjan Singh, who’ll turn 97 on Friday. Bases aren’t usually named after personalities, unlike in a few other countries, but an exception has been made. The IAF celebrated Singh’s birthday using a grand function at Akash Officers’ Mess on Thursday, that was attended by former PM Manmohan Singh amongst others. Singh, a stalwart who flew over operational 700 sorties and led the IAF inside the 1965 Indo-Pak war, also contributed Rs 2.25 crore towards the force’s welfare fund.

It’s a religious yatra.

J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti met BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday. It had been her first ending up in Shah since she took her oath. Both leaders met amidst widespread unrest inside the Valley. Former J&K CM Omar Abdullah criticised her Delhi visit, tweeting: “Three people died due to firing by security forces and what does the J&K CM do? From yatra to padyatra? The VHP had a distinctive obtain Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. VHP office-bearers suggested that their vehicles could have a bhagwa dhvaj (saffron flag) showing they are area of the yatra. However the Delhi government had not been ready to oblige. Transport Minister Gopal Rai said: “Why use cars whatsoever? It’s a religious yatra. JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar isn’t getting the best time since his release on bail. On Thursday, a slipper was hurled at Kanhaiya while he was delivering a speech at an auditorium in Nagpur. The incident happened hours after some Bajrang Dal workers threw stones at an automobile carrying him. He later spoke with a programme organised because of the Rashtrawadi Youth Congress amid commotion and slogan-shouting.

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Rose Maylie fits a confident role very well in her kindness towards Oliver and in the care that she, Mrs. Maylie and Mr. Losberne give him. Each morning he visited a white-headed old gentlemen, who lived close to the church, who taught him to learn better also to write, and spoke so kindly, and took such pains, that Oliver could never try enough to please him. He then would walk with Mrs. Maylie and Rose, and hear them talk of books, or simply sit near them in a few shady place, and listen as the dude read, which he may have done till it grew too dark to start to see the letters. These tranquil and enlightening activities certainly made Oliver notably happier than he’d have you ever been before. WHENEVER I read this chapter associated with Oliver’s recovery, it reminds me of how John Stewart Mill used poetry and literature to recuperate from his rigorous childhood. Through his upbringing inside the workhouse as well as the streets of London, Oliver had suffered the treating a society without compassion and without sympathy, and he recovered out of this by finally being granted those thing.

Bentham would scoff at me for using this archetypal example, however, I really believe this example in its purity shows what important components of human life are missing from utilitarian thought. Dickens also manages to make a strong comparative argument through only 1 character: Ebenezer Scrooge. After his visit in the three ghosts, Ebenezer realizes how his cold and unfeeling attitudes have impacted his life negatively. He also realizes from the suffering in the Cratchit family that his attitudes and business practices have caused other folks unnecessary pain. Therefore, he chooses to do something more as being a benevolent and understanding individual, giving Bob Cratchit a raise and sending the household a big turkey for Christmas. From a person standpoint, these actions (I’d argue) satisfy both a rational basis of economics including a compassionate benevolence. Scrooge are able for being generous, so he uses this with techniques which are in his best interest and don’t hurt him financially.

Once again, the well-rounded balance between your two spheres appears to serve humanity in the simplest way possible. Furthermore, Scrooge also provides large amount of cash to charity, acknowledging the truth that the welfare system and poor laws are insufficient. Ironically, these actions probably benefit London’s utility, while showing the honorable qualities of human kindness and generosity. Scrooge also advantages from these actions with the truth that he can expire without people waltzing from the currency markets making snide jokes about him. With regard to contextualizing this argument right into a modern picture, it might be reasonable to look at a far more modern philosophical work and exactly how it challenges Utilitarian thought. John Rawls’ Theory of Justice outlines many excellent points about government along with the human condition. Although I find fault along with his theories of distributive justice, I believe his criticisms of Utilitarianism are well founded. The merit on the classical view as formulated by Bentham, Edgeworth, and Sidgwick is that it clearly recognizes what’s on the line, namely, the relative priority with the principles of justice and of the rights produced from those principles.