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Everyone is talking about web hosting these days. But what actually this word means? You see people stick by their computer screen for hours just chatting to other people on various social networking websites. If any of this social networking site fails to work even for a single hour people get disturbed for the non-functioning of these sites. Don’t you think how these sites keep functioning for 24 hours? Don’t ever they get shut down? Or never take a single break? They keep on working any time you log in to them. Even at the late hours of the night you can search through the internet without any server failure or any bad website. You can check on any site or see any page on internet at any time, how all this has been made possible? Well all this has been owned to web hosting services. A web hosting service is the kind of service in which one computer becomes an internet server providing some or a lot of its resources for use to the external service in return of some rental fee. It can be understood as a company client relationship where a company provides its resources to its clients to complete his/her work in return of some economical gain.

With such services increasing day by day you may find many web hosting companies that provide space and security for hosting your websites on the World Wide Web that can be viewed by anyone who uses the internet services. There are many types of operating system servers which have some limited compatibility and different prices to host a website. There are Linux hosting services which work on Linux operating system having a limited compatibility to languages and lack a good graphical user interface. There are also windows hosting services which provide windows operating system for its websites. Due to the ease of working with windows operating system, windows web hosting is a more popular solution to web hosting. You may find a windows web hosting company that provides you with a secure, safe and reliable server to web hosting with a large number of domains and compatibility to languages like PHP, ASP or ASP.NET which are found quite popular nowadays in terms of web designing and software development. These companies also provide a large number of email accounts that can be connected to your website while hosting, enabling one to increase the visitor list of his/her website thus earning more credentials.

While talking about such development in India, you may find some top companies that deal with this in the world belong to India itself. Some companies that has made India as Top hosting India belong to iPAGE, BIGROCK, ZNETLIVE, REDIFFMAILPRO, INDIAMART etc. these all companies have made India proud in front of the whole world.

But this is not the limit to growth of these companies in India. The web hosting provider list is on increase in India with more reliability and security and better solutions to the web hosting services.