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Bikaner is an excellent Indian city lying within the edge with the world-famous Thar Desert within the Northeastern state of Rajasthan. The town is really a strong tourist magnet which is famed for camel safari rides, mesmerizing forts, havelis, royal palaces and the beautiful Rajasthani cuisine. Any occasion in Bikaner could be rejuvenating and may assist you to explore the rich history and culture of Rajisthan. The town records extreme temperatures; summers could be really hot and humid while winters could be really chilly. If you’re wondering concerning the best things you can do in Bikaner, continue reading for our undertake it. Is Bikaner worth visiting? Bikaner may possibly not be the most notable touristy city of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur however the city of Bikaner in Rajasthan will probably be worth visiting because of its camel safari rides and beautiful historical monuments. You’ll find several 1 day and multi-day tours of Bikaner operated by top tour operators with in the town.

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Is Bikaner Worth Visiting?The annual camel festival in January is a thing that can’t be missed throughout a tour of Bikaner. Through the festival this is a common sight to identify herds of camels clad in colorful traditional attire alongside fun filled events of camel dances, camel races and camel rides. Don’t forget to transport your sunscreens along because the sun is actually likely to be fierce during January. During Bikaner, Karni Mata Temple is really a must-visit. The temple comes with an interesting legend about any of it. A lad named Laxman gets drowned while he starts normal water from the nearby pool in Kolayat Tahil rather than having the ability to take the sorrow from the sad event, Karni Mata requests Lord Yama to revive the boy’s life. Lord Yama (the God of Death) initially refuses but after relentless requests by Karni Mata, Lord Yama revives the young boy back again to life by means of a rat.

Interestingly, the temple is infested with an increase of than 25000 rats plus the rats within the temple premises are believed sacred by devotees of Karni Mata and it’s quite common to get people consuming food nibbled because of the rats! The Junagarh Fort, erstwhile ‘Chintamani Fort’ in Bikaner may be the numero uno of all Bikaner monuments. No visit to Bikaner is complete without touring the Junagarh Fort. Why is it unique it’s not situated on a hill unlike most wall fortifications in Rajasthan plus the fort complex includes a lovely palace, temple and pavilions. Built by Raja Rai Singh during 1589 to 1594 AD, the fort was home to numerous kings of Bikaner. Spending a night in the luxurious 5-star heritage hotel, Laxmi Nivas Palace is among the best things you can do in Bikaner. From award winning amenities to royal treatment, the hotel can be your best bet for any night’s stay at Bikaner.

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The most noticeable thing concerning the hotel is its heritage architecture and the stunning interiors plus a great ambiance. A camel Safari ride inside the Thar Desert should be a fundamental element of your Bikaner tour in Rajasthan and is really a standard Bikaner tour itinerary. You’ll also be fascinated that Bikaner is among the best breeding places for camels. Not going for a Camel Safari ride in Bikaner is recognized as an incomplete tour of Bikaner. How exactly to reach Bikaner? The simplest way to attain Bikaner is flying to Jodhpur, the nearest city to Bikaner (about 259 km apart). Jodhpur Airport (JDH) may be the primary airport serving Jodhpur. Indian Eagle can be your gateway for locating the cheapest flights to India. The city’s charm and historical monuments could be best enjoyed through the high tourist season of October to March once the weather is balmy and pleasant. Given that you have browse the best things you can do in Bikaner, don’t you imagine it’s time you planned any occasion in Bikaner?

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