Covid-19 Update 26th Feb : Supplychain

Good morning from the united kingdom. 2,762. South Korea and Japan both have a tally nearing 1k with Italy now a lot more than 300 and Iran (officially at the very least) approaching 95 having had just 12 yesterday. In China they could be turning the corner; multiple provinces reported no new cases, the daily death toll – 52 – may be the lowest in 3 weeks and there have been only 9 new cases reported nationwide before a day. Meanwhile, the Australian currency markets dropped once more; it’s now down over 6% because the start of the week. Postpone sports and cultural events – Japan’s PM (says the Guardian blog) is calling for sports and cultural events to become postponed for 14 days to attempt to support the virus. You can find similar calls in Ireland (currently virus free) using their company health minister to cancel a significant rugby game in Dublin against Italy his weekend (Link) – the match is currently under review.

Even the Tokyo Olympics (which starts 24 July) is currently under review using a senior IOC member being quoted as saying a decision to cancel will undoubtedly be needed by late May. Advice to citizens – THE UNITED STATES CDC (Centre for Disease Control) now says (Link) it is a matter of you should definitely if the herpes virus arrives in america. The CDC said Americans should plan the chance of disruptions with their daily lives if the herpes virus were to start out spreading inside the U.S. Which could include closing schools, working at home and delaying elective surgical procedure. Business leaders a specialist says, should start considering which employees can work from home. Possibly the time should come, he added, to see religious practices and ceremonies in the home, instead of attend larger community gatherings at places of worship. And families should start thinking about how they might handle weekly or two in the home, without traveling even short distances for food, medicine or entertainment. The Trump administration has asked congress for $2.5bn to combat and support the spread of the herpes virus.

India Life Expectancy

Chinese post-outbreak maritime trade in graphs – Freightwaves (Link) includes a fascinating article about Cargo metrics (who appear to be a large data company) that reveals the real nature of marine cargo trades to and from China. It really is a detailed article however the TLDR would be that the graphs are readable along with the commentary says that bulk imports are “in free fall” although container imports are in fact slightly up. Container exports traditionally dip on the Chinese New Year yet they ought to have bounced back right now but haven’t. If you want data displays you will most probably such as this. Logistics update from Bollore – the French supply chain giant Bollore Logistics has updated its FAQ with the most recent information (worth a read if you are a forwarder): Link. It clarifies the trucking situation is slowly easing which has a red/yellow/green QR code assigned to residents to track folks who are infected.

Truck drivers with green QR codes could have no restrictions now for inter provincial transport. Up to now 100 Chinese cities have adopted the machine and it is constantly on the roll out nation wide however, many drivers are facing 14 day quarantine when returning from high infection areas. Transport prices have risen between 20-100% because of the shortage of available road transportation but whilst flight frequencies have severely reduced, all airports aside from Wuhan are operational and you can find limited rail services to Europe. Small Chinese companies struggling to restart but bigger factories in an improved position – the SCMP reports that only 30% of smaller businesses are back again to use many desperate for labour resources. March. The majority of our suppliers have only restored significantly less than one-third of production capability,” she said. “A lot of the work resumption for smaller businesses is in the administration and sales departments, however the production part continues to be paused.