IndiGo Offers Govt Its Aircraft, Crew To Transport Medicine, Equipment Across India,

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New Delhi: IndiGo on Wednesday said that they have offered Union Civil Aviation Ministry its “resources, aircraft and crew” to move medicine, equipment and relief material in one area of the country to some other. Because the Modi government has suspended all domestic and international passenger flight operations in India to curb the spread of coronavirus, IndiGo’s fleet greater than 250 planes happens to be grounded. IndiGo may be the largest airline in India with around 47 % share in domestic passenger traffic, in accordance with aviation regulator DGCA’s February data. “The airline has expressed support to contribute inside the ferry way to obtain medicine, equipment, and relief samples in one area of the country to some other,” the low-cost carrier said. India has banned international commercial passenger flights for an interval of 1 week from Sunday. Moreover, domestic flights are also suspended from Tuesday midnight. The airline stated that its CEO Ronojoy Dutta has written a letter towards the civil aviation Minister, wherein he said, “I understand you need to be facing major logistical challenges in moving medicine, equipment and relief supplies in one area of the country to some other. “Please be reassured that all our employees are highly motivated within the service of the country and so are eagerly searching for opportunities where to contribute. We’d contemplate it an honour in the event that you would engage us in this particular activity,” Dutta noted. The airline has aircraft and crews covering major cities across India and so are ready to fly inside the service of the country, IndiGo stated. ThePrint is currently on Telegram. To discover the best reports & opinion on politics, governance and much more, sign up to ThePrint on Telegram. Sign up to our YouTube channel.

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