Heard Of The Mughals?

Gold Filigree Seamless Tile 4No, we weren’t. We were Hindus, Jains, Buddha’s, Muslims. Heard about the Mughals? Jaziya? There have been multiple religions and religious strife a long time before the English found India. Cherry picking. Plenty of mosques were built by smashing temples. And lots of Muslim rulers were tolerant too. Tolerance is not a Hallmark of Hinduism or Islam, it’s a person trait. There you’re. You don’t need to keep carefully the “poor little hurt Hindu” act going. Let’s start bashing Islam on its most regressive notes because that’s what you would like to accomplish. Tldr, Hindutva propaganda for the lines from the Protocols with the Elders of Zion Have a look at it. Did anybody consider why Hindus and sikhs were kicked beyond Muslim majority state? And what is there regarding CAA/NRC protests? Can you believe Hindus are owed an ethnic cleanse since it happened in Kashmir? I believe people should check out Hindus with exactly the same lens Red Indians in the us.

Whatever tickles your fancy…… - New Calisto & Destino ...Why? That is an exceptionally stupid statement. Are Hindus a minority (a lot more than 800 million or 75% of total isn’t exactly a minority)? Has there been a genocide of Hindus in India? Have Hindus been discriminated against in every walks of life? Have they been forced to call home in reservations? At the very least understand the example you’re giving before deploying it. In kerala, Hindus are squeeze from cities. Exaggeration. Even though there’s some truth to the sob story, the reaction ought to be through law and order, not state repression and retaliation. SMH. You can’t express your religion in INDIA because western people detest the Swastika? That is clearly a big leap. There is harm to public property worth millions. Should a college going student take action? No. University students also needs to not be dragged and beaten on roads and within their hostels and hospitals for protesting an unjust law peacefully. Violence begets violence. Maybe if the authorities had not been acting just like a state goon, there wouldnt be this “loss”. Incidentally, engaging in exactly the same what aboutism you are so keen on: think about the millions lost through the protest of an goddamn movie?

Everyone does just a little Hitler, why not me, eh?

Then it had been about “faith” wasn’t it? I don’t understand why religious minorities can’t be permitted to naturalize in India. Since it excludes Muslims deliberately and is really a tool to denaturalize Indian Muslims with NRC. It’s the filter that comes prior to the NRC purge which allows Hindus along with other religions to undergo safely. It really is unconstitutional also it malciously excludes persecuted Muslim groups like Ahmadiyas and Rohingyas. They will have every right. Human rights connect with all humans. Exclusion of individuals from basic needs is really a global issue, no Indian issue. You do not see USA snapping relationship with Saudi as the killed schools kids in Yemen. Or EU discussing black lives matter. You didn’t see strong action by Western countries against China for atrocities on Uyghirs or tibetean Buddhist. Again, it appears like you think you’re owed a genocide here. Everyone does just a little Hitler, why not me, eh? Your feeble try to justify a shit move by way of a shit government is mocked and trashed. Have an excellent day.

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