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My hot water heater sprung a leak and after receiving what appeared like an extremely high quote from another company my FIL recommended B&W, who had replaced my sister in laws hot water heater a couple of months prior. I could get a scheduled appointment immediately, Randy was friendly and professional, the task was done promptly with an acceptable price. We’ve since used them for the HVAC, and had an excellent experience with that aswell. I have caused B&W Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains multiple times for my rental property in Indianapolis. Their dispatch and customer support team are fantastic! Mesha and Crystal are always patient and helpful. Dave McDonough fixed a drain leak and replaced a kitchen faucet, sink bowl and garbage disposal. He did great work! Dontril Williams replaced a hot water heater for me personally and fixed a challenging slab leak in a good space. He was an easy task to use, communicative and went far beyond for all of us.

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I recommend B&W for the plumbing needs. Called to truly have a pluged drain repaired yesterday. Service tech arrived today as scheduled, taken in the drive and said that there have been trees within the yard so he was afraid to focus on the issue. He didn’t even understand for certain what the issue was! Maybe he must have aranged for a professional plumber to meet up him! Sorry excuse to get a plumbing company. Came on Tuesday, determined I got from Frion when i suspected. Needed me to show the AC off to thaw it out for recharging at a later time. Called me the very next day. Theyre only unavailable apptmt was Friday at 12. They called me on Thursday to improve it to 4 oclock on Friday. Then called me at 3:30 on Friday to inform me they’d be here Tuesday. THE PROCEEDINGS ITS LIKE SAUDI ARABIA IN MY OWN HOUSE!

118. Plumber Dave called me 15 mn before arriving at i want to know he was on is way.

They explained this is exactly what my landlord told them, but I called my landlord plus they just flat out lied about this. Tuesday or Thursday or next September. You can find 10,000 other AC repair visitors to call. Called B&W due to a drain clogged inside the basement. Friendly person on the telephone, inform me in what it could cost for any Tech ahead and execute a diagnostic ($118). 118. Plumber Dave called me 15 mn before arriving at i want to know he was on is way. I show him the problem. He took his tools and rags to safeguard the ground. He was very knowledgeable, 30 years experience. Plumber Dave was very friendly and did an excellent job. 221, it might sounds expensive equate to how many other say once you call however when they arrive on site they add more fees due to “non conventional” structure. I’ll call them again the next time I’ll have another issue.

Right following a huge rain storm along with other plumbers were saying it might be three days before they might even consider it! Obviously they didn’t understand we can not go without warm water for three days! B&W arrived the very next day inside the window they promised and made the repairs in about 3 hours. Dave explained all of the repairs before he made them. If you’re certain you will need a new hot water heater than you should, call B and W. Service is quick and responsive. However, if you want you to definitely actually diagnose and or repair than do yourself a favor and call another person. I used to be sold a heater that performs at less level than my old one. I might or might not have needed it. To exactly the same setting my old heater was at. THEREFORE I paid 1,400 for a couple days of inconvenience and also a hot water heater I probably didn’t need that operates exactly the same or worse compared to the one they replaced. Called B&W to check out a warm water heater.