[Resolved] Lg Electronics – Whistle Blowing: Bad Experience With Lg India


[Resolved] Lg Electronics - Whistle Blowing: Bad Experience With Lg IndiaM/s lg electronics india pvt. M/s reliance digital (Retail) india. Kindly refer my all emails/telephonic conversations together with your representatives/officers/officials concerned through customer support toll free numbers/landlines/mobiles since 1st of january, 2020, for the consideration and additional necessary action regarding intimation for you the next in mention of sale of a faulty refrigerator (Lg-gc c 247uglw) on 29.01.2019 by fraud, if you ask me. 1. I got sold lg-gc c 247uglw refrigerator on 29.01.2020 by m/s reliance digital, wave mall jammu by telling how the model is under discount (Sales representative: mr. Kamalkant), since it was mock down piece (Some dent/injury mark etc.). However when it had been physically checked by him in my own, another sales representative of reliance digital & store guard concerned’s presence, it had been found having no such anticipated dents/marks. 2. After installation within my place, exactly the same was found faulty (Cooling issue) within 2-3 days. 3. After my complaint at lg customer support, the service engineer visits to start to see the refrigerator and declares it as faulty (Since it was already/earlier repaired and intimated to the business concerned).

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It forces me to believe that similarly i had been told that it had been a mock down piece, not found etc physical checking and on the another hand later-on i had been told that it had been already repaired also it was intimated to the business concerned. Doesn’t it mean that it had been sold if you ask me with the brand/company concerned without telling me the reality in support of by offering discount (Which clearly means fraud/cheating/malafied intentions because of the brand/company concerned/both the companies/officer-officials on the helm of affairs)? Because the model wass unavailable in the store) and revert back in order that he can use up the problem with the business for providing this higher end model instead of faulty refrigerator (Sold if you ask me) as replacement. 5. After checking the specifications on the proposed higher end model online, i call back mr. Kamalkant and simply tell him that this said higher end model is ok but i will accept exactly the same only when brand/company concerned provides me it as fresh piece, non-faulty piece with no extra cost, instead of faulty model sold if you ask me by them by fraud.

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He agrees to my request and assures me to use up the problem with the business concerned and revert back again to me. 6. In the mean time i get a call from mr. B. S. Manhas, asm, lg india who requests the copy of bill/invoice of my faulty model for even more n/a. I ask him the status of alternative to my faulty refrigerator and mr. B. S. Manhas informs me that i will provide you top of the end model (As stated above) soon. 7. I, in the mean time, continue sending emails to the business (Ies) concerned to escalate my complaint regarding fraud done if you ask me, for redressal and in addition opt to bring the misdeed/mischief played from the officers/officials concerned, in to the notice of the bigger officer/official viz; ceo/md/country head because of their knowledge in order that if proceed ahead with legal proceedings contrary to the brnad/company, they need to be familiar with it.

8. I also request through emails to supply me the e-mail id of higher officers in the business that is not provided if you ask me. Rajesh forwarded to mr. Ashwani who brings mr. B. S. Manhas, asm, lg on call conference to learn the status of my complaint. 10. To my surprise, i get a call from mr. B. S. Manhas on 20.01.2020 (Mob. Mr. B. S. Manhas replies that is decided by the business. S. Manhas, kamalkant & yogesh saini on conference to learn the facts of my complaint/escalation and pressurize me to simply accept that whenever ever an increased end/upper end model comes to a person, it involves cost difference amount that is to be paid by the client, whereas it really is fact that i used to be never told concerning the chance for payment of cost difference amount due to proposed higher end model if you ask me, by me, by the above-named officers/officials concerned among 09.01.2020 till 21.01.2020, either telephonically or through email/otherwise.