India And Its Happening Night Life – Air Travel

What is so special about India, special enough to make you want to catch a flight to India? Can it be the beautiful culture, exquisite restaurants, breathtaking sceneries or the exciting nightlife? Well the answer would be the exciting nightlife.India has a wide range of classy bars and clubs. The most popular bars would be found in the luxury hotels, with all sorts of themes starting from their culture to almost everything!

One should definitely get an India flights just to enjoy the unique nightlife of it. Almost every city in India has clubs which provide great music and serve unlimited alcohol. The age limit of alcohol consumption varies across the different states in India. In Delhi it remains 25, even after countless attempts to lower it, other places have the general age of 21 but in Goa the limit is 18 which is the lowest in the whole country. On a general rating the city with the most happening night life, the city that “doesn’t sleep” would be Mumbai. As the darkness falls, the lights in the city illuminate and the music takes over consuming your body and soul. Not only does it have India’s own culture but influence of the Western has been growing rapidly in the city of Mumbai. For the people who love to party and let go of themselves, should definitely get the flights to India One will find the craziest dancers inIndia as dance is in their culture.

Some of the famous clubs of Mumbai are the fashion Bistro, Fire & Ice and Go bananas. The names themselves are inviting enough. Along with Mumbai there are many other cities with superb clubs likeDelhi andGoa, with just as “happening” nightlife as Mumbai. As a matter of factDelhi has the finest bars which are classiest in Luxury Hotels. Agni, one of the clubs in the Park Hotel inDelhiis an ongoing favorite for hard core party lovers. With the element of bling present in the whole club, it has been rated as the “Bar with the best Dancing” by the Times Nightlife Guide.