A Look At Some Interesting, Modern Indian Baby Girls Names – Babies

Once you have your little bundle of joy in your arms, you have a different feeling and attachment with the baby. It’s after a period of nine months of anxiety that you now have a beautiful baby in your arms, but what are you going to call your little sweetheart? Have you thought of a name suitable for the baby girl? While some parents are often delighted and select a name much before the baby is born, few parents wait for the baby to come into the world. Though your cuddly names will have a great list, but now it’s time to choose a meaningful name for your little girl.

Choosing a name can be a difficult task as you have a huge database before you. With many beautiful choices and differences in opinions, it is really a daunting task to think what is perfect for your daughter. Many parents want to remain traditional and often choose baby girl names based on religion and tradition. Grandparents also play a vital role in choosing the names, but now-a-days parents also prefer to remain a little modern and choose latest Indian baby girl names.

There may be lots of pitfalls while trying to name your daughter and this might become obvious after you name her. Some words may have wrong connotations attached to them because of cultural ties or because the name can easily be turned to something very funny. So it is the parent’s responsibility to be very careful while choosing modern Indian girls name. Always remember that the name is for Life and has a significant effect on the baby’s personality and development.

There are many people who believe that speaking any word that is negative creates negative energy and anything that is positive creates a positive energy around the person. Since every identity should have a proper meaning, choosing a word from the modern Indian girls name list will help develop personality traits according to the meaning of the word. Let’s discuss few modern names with their meaning that you may find useful for your daughter while naming her.

Aamani: This name is of Sanskrit origin and it means good wish or spring season. It also means a great environment that we usually observe in the early morning.

Harshika: This is a modern Hindu name and is of Indian origin. The name means joyous or one who gives happiness. Since your daughter is your life and has brought happiness to the family this name is suitable for her.

Kashvi: This is a Sanskrit name for girls which means blooming or shining. Babies with this name are often capable of analyzing, judging and have a deep understanding of life.

Parija: This latest Indian baby girl name is usually preferred by Hindu families. The meaning of this word is place of origin or source.

Some other modern names that you may want to consider for your baby girl may include Anvi, Shanaya, Kyra, Trisha, Aarohi and etc. So whether you want to remain traditional or modern, your baby girl should have a name that she will simply love all through her life.